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Mission Statement

So, this blog is actually really straight forward. It’s a journal, exploring the many facets of the unknown. I’m going to try to be as scientific as a blog can be about UFO’s, alien abduction, poltergeists and anything else that you link to me, or I stumble on myself. I’ll try to keep this place a comprehensive gateway to other websites and interesting links. This has always been an interesting subject for me, although I do not know if we’ll ever understand 1/3rd of strange occurrences human beings experience in their lives. It’s still great to document, express and communicate our fascination with the many subjects. On that note, stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Adding to this, I’d like to sort of create a brief manifesto about exploring the paranormal:

I’ve been interested in exploring two aspects of the paranormal: What they actually are, and why we experience them. This means that we have to look at the socio-cultural, psychological and empirical evidence. The majority of the scientific community involved in mainstream media, more often than not, has a dismissive attitude towards anything paranormal. Anything slightly strange is written off as 1) coincidence 2) superstition or 3) “fallacy of conjunction.”

Reasonably, a staunch and rigorous attitude towards paranormal phenomenon is appreciated. We can’t accept things to be true just because they’re weird. That being said, we also can’t dismiss a phenomenon before we understand it more thoroughly. To do so would be an act of carelessness, and certainly more biased than scientific. A healthier outlook might sound something like this…

To rigorously examine the wide array of paranormal phenomena, one must look at the social, cultural, psychological aspects to the experience, as well as the empirical evidence for such phenomena. Secondly, that to fully understand the relationship between all three, the subjective, experiential aspect of paranormal phenomena must also be examined. This general theory can be summarized: Paranormal experiences, not all, but some, are inextricably connected to consciousness. Some of these, such as psychic phenomenon, telekinesis, healing- may have more to do with the nature of consciousness, rather than seeing patterns which do not exist. Since consciousness, and most subjective phenomena is the least understood of phenomena, this puts paranormal experiences, along with spiritual and religious ones, in the area of scientific taboo. The dominant dogma of today is that all things, consciousness, God, seeing ghosts, prayer, meditation and satori- all such things can be explained away by physical, empirical means.

Yet, consciousness is a strange thing. It defies many of the modern scientific mythos for what we define as “reality.” It’s sticky, subjective, elusive. Although we can map out many correlative aspects – emotion centers, memory sensors, etc, that distinguishing reason, or set of reasons as to why consciousness arises (why you have a sense of self) has yet to be demonstrated by the current theories. Now, this isn’t due to the fact that consciousness can’t be understood, or won’t be understood. That would be magical thinking. The elusive mystery of consciousness has more to do with our own lack of understanding rather than some spooky aspect of consciousness itself. Many theorists often posit consciousness to have a lot more to do with quantum laws than anything else. If consciousness is somehow connected to quantum mechanics: interconnected, not within space and time as we understand it, etc, then this might illuminate phenomena such as telekinesis. Consciousness is also capable of, at the very least, influencing reality (theoretically). Could we, with a series of experiments, instigate paranormal phenomena to occur? Does fear, belief in the paranormal, not just make us believe it occurs, but make it actually occur?

Knowing these three things: empirical evidence, socio-cultural and subjective consciousness – are inextricably intertwined, dismissing all paranormal phenomena to wishful thinking and coincidence sounds, well, trivial. That being said, what’s this website all about? Speculation, writing, theory and experimentation. Sure, it’s a blog like most blogs; new events will be posted, reviews of books and movies and such. This will also be a way to document research into the paranormal – by not taking the popular, dismissive side, nor the less scientific “Ghosts are real and scary!” so common. We seek to understand the human experience without fear of scientific dogma, or sensationalism.

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